Panama is booming in tourism and has a number of resorts that have the distinction of offering surfing as their main activity. We will call them the surf camp resort. From the Atlantic coast to the Pacific coast where there is a beautiful wave there is generally a surf resort. Whether on the Caribbean coast, near Panama City or on the Pacific side, we find this beautiful hotel complex of a certain standard, which mixes luxury and relaxed surfing.

Nothing better to have a great break. The Panama surf resorts generally have a swimming pool, a restaurant, and a sports complex. There is à lovely service that will make us spend unforgettable holidays.

There are several kinds of surf resorts in Panama, those with many rooms with a lively atmosphere, and there are also much quieter surf resorts with few rooms and a cocooning atmosphere. All you have to do is look in which corner of Panama you want to go to learn to surf or improve 👌.

Surf Resort Panama

Playa Venao Hotel Resort

One of Panama’s most incredible surf resorts is the Playa Venao Hotel Resort. This Panama Surf Resort is completely open on the main spot of Venao. With the infinity pool overlooking the waves, you will feel like you are already swimming in the ocean.

Wake up, have breakfast at the Micaela restaurant, the restaurant of your surf resort seen on the spot, then go into the water for a surf session.
Want a break? No worries going to relax in the jacuzzi and enjoy just after a few maki in the Sushi Bar of your surf resort.

The Playa Venao Hotel Surf Resort will amaze you, located in the middle of the bay of Playa Venao, this silent resort will bring the comfort and serenity you need to go Surfing Panama.

Surf School Panama

Are you interested in Surfing Panama? Do you want to learn to surf? Or bring your surf skills to the next level? Check out our surf school Club Venao. We offer surf lessons and packages with certified ISA instructors.

Panama Surfing Resort

The list of surf resorts in Panama is not so long. Indeed this country still keeps a lot of space for nature and is not confronted with mass tourism
We will now travel through the Panama surf resorts, detailing their location and their particularity.
Do the first step in your surf experience and let yourself be tempted by the best option available to you. Each surf resort and spot has its particularity and they will not all suit you.
Welcome to the world of surf resorts in Panama 🤙.

Panama Surf Resort Red Frog Bungalows

This surf resort located on the island of Bastimentos in Bocas del Toro on the west Caribbean coast offers to spend a stay in a local spirit in the middle of its turquoise water.
The Panamanian surf resort is located on Red Frog beach, one of the most beautiful beaches on the Caribbean side with its white sand, turquoise water, surrounded by green jungle.

Panama Surf Resort Red Frog Bungalows
The hotel offers accommodation in houses, bungalows or cabins of very good quality.
The surf resort has its own boats to go to the best surf spots every day.
But you can also take the boats just to go see other beautiful beaches or to explore the corals.
This hotel has a very good restaurant that serves seasonal and local products to delight your taste buds.

Morillo Beach Resort

The Morillo beach surf resort is located in Morillo between jungle and ocean.  This resort offers both a magnificent view of the jungle and the ocean.  The resort is an eco-resort and is in harmony with nature and with its utmost respect.  This resort offers comfortable, meticulously decorated rooms.  You can exercise several activities in this place such as stand up paddle, kayak, boat tours, waterfall tours, cooking lessons, visiting Cerro Hoya National Park Exploration and of course surf lessons.  The resort is directly on the beach, beginners can go there and for more big waves and tubes you will have to walk a bit on the beach to get there!  🌊🌊

Panama Surf and Yoga Resort

How lucky we are to have Yoga and surfing in the same place.  In Panama, there are many surf and yoga resorts. Yoga and surfing are very complementary, both mentally and physically.
In the surf and yoga resort of Panama, you can find several kinds of yoga, like hatha yoga, ashtanga yoga, vinyasa yoga, etc.  There will be for all styles and for all levels.
These resorts offer wellness retreats where both sports are practiced.
Yoga helps surf a lot, in terms of flexibility, serenity, breathing, and coordination. Do not hesitate to alternate the two sports 🙏🤙.

Sansara Surf & Yoga Resort Cambutal Panama

This luxurious resort is located on the Azuero peninsula in the village of Cambutal. This resort specializes in wellness. The Sansara Surf & Yoga Resort benefits from a spa and also offers yoga and surfing lessons.

Panama Surf Resort Red Frog Bungalows
At certain times of the year, you can book yoga retreats. The luxury cabins and rooms are very sophisticated. It is true that the price of a night in this resort is more expensive than in another resort in Panama, the price of surf lessons too.
Sansara is made for people with high purchasing power. But the surf spots around remain exceptional for experienced surfers.
sansara surf and yoga resort panama
Pool area of Sansara Surf and Yoga Resort with sunbeds and incredible beach view.
sansara surf and yoga resort panama bedroom
One of the stunning bedrooms of Sansara Surf and Yoga Resort.

Santa Catalina Surf and Yoga Hotel

The Santa Catalina surf yoga resort hotel is located as its name suggests in the fishing village of Santa Catalina with a view of the Santa Catalina wave.
The luxurious hotel offers year-round and even weekly surf/yoga or yoga/meditation retreats and many more.
The hotel mixes with nature. He tries to preserve it as much as possible by having in each of its rooms furniture made of durable natural material to preserve the environment.  The hotel is luxurious while respecting nature and the environment and trying to keep prices not too expensive.

ISTMO Yoga and Adventure Retreat

This Panama yoga and surf resort is located in Playa Grande, 1 hour 30 minutes from Panama City. This place has a yoga studio, a meditation/relaxation area and a Labyrinth and Humanity Trail. For surfing the hotel works with Panama Surf School.
Several yoga retreats are organized throughout the year. In addition to your retirement, you can take advantage of activities such as surfing or visiting local communities. If you want to drive 45 minutes by car you can go to El Valle, which is a small town located in a crater of a sleeping volcano, hike, see waterfalls, etc.

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